Information Control Communication (ICC) Lab

Sponsored Projects

  • Project Title: Erasmus + KA1 – Mobility of higher education students and staff supported: 6G Radio Access Network on joint sensing and communication technology in the context of I4.0
Funding Agency (or Internal funding): European Union

To explore automated vehicles or mobile robotics applications requirements for applications survivability. The core element of the project is the provision of understanding about critical QoS parameters (e.g. data rate and latency), as well as proactive resource optimization and networking based on all parts of the mobile infrastructure. Italy is already investing to a great extent in research on this kind of technology, while for India this represents a growing market on which the same technology could be applied, with specific focus on future industrial applications.

  • Project Title: Joint bio and radar-sensing and communication in Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) network
Funding Agency (or Internal funding): INDFICORE – India-Finland cooperation

The project will study platform models and concepts for wireless (6G) medical monitoring solutions that are possible to realise by sensors embedded in vehicles, aiming to ensure driver’s safety and provide online health monitoring in a vehicle. For Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) network, the joint communication and radar sensing (JCRS) has been emerged as an attractive solution in terms of compact system size, low cost, weight, power consumption, low mutual interference amongs neighboring vehicles, and more importantly efficient spectrum sharing and utilization.

  • Project Title: IoT based wireless Wearable Medical Devices to monitor critical patients locally and remotely
Funding Agency (or Internal funding): Incubation center, IIT Patna

Development of Internet of Things (IoT) based wireless wearable medical devices (WMDs) based on sensors to monitor health parameters of patients admitted in ICU. Provide remote medicare services to patients of rural areas through Remote medicare services. These WMDs are connected with remote Medicare Servers on the cloud, who are virtually provide best coordinated medical care and medical expert consultations to the patient s in real-time. Technical Status vis-a-vis objectives This project targets Rural Indians because of lack of medical facility/infrastructure in rural India, low ratio of doctors and patients 0.7:1000 urban: 1:500, rural: 1:2500, and 75 of the Medical infrastructure concentrated in urban areas. Still almost 67 percent Indians live in rural areas and have lack of medical infrastructure access. Therefore, our goal is to provide a medium and platform through which rural Indians can access city medical infrastructure/facilities remotely.

  • Project Title : CIRCULAR FOOD CHAINS
Funding Agency (or Internal funding): Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Italy

The project proposes the development of an integrated digital platform (HW and SW) for real-time management of food products that are about to expire in order to limit their waste by donating to a network of local ONPs. The introduction of an app connected to the centralized database of product information allows constant visibility on the real quality of the product and on the type of food surplus available at the collection points, making recovery and redistribution more effective.

  • Project Title: SIVEQ: Technology development for the redistribution of surplus food products
Funding Agency (or Internal funding): POLISOCIAL AWARD, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

SIVEQ stands for Integrated System for Valorisation of Surpluses food in the neighborhood, Integrated System for the Distribution of Surplus Food Products in the Neighborhood.

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