Information Control Communication (ICC) Lab


AtlaMedico TechSolutions Pvt. Ltd.

AtlaMedico’s portfolio focuses on Remote medicare services for critical patients (ICU patients) and outpatients seeking personal health monitoring. It aims to facilitate the technological solution for people living in Remote areas and small cities where Critical care services are not available. Initially, it targets coronary critical care (CCU/ICU) unit services where 24×7 hrs monitoring of patients are needed. But in future, it will target most of the ICU services. This technological solution will provide eCCU services that are being adopted by different countries because of the limited number of ICU beds and intensivists.

Delbrone Innovation Pvt. Ltd.

Designing and Developing Antidrone Systems: The company can design and develop antidrone systems to protect against drone threats in various applications such as public safety, military, and more.

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